No to Corruption! Yes to Brothels!

One of the contestants in Sunday’s election here in Thailand is a man by the name of Chuvit Kamolvisit, seeking to represent part of Bangkok in the nation’s parliament. That’s him, at right. He’s a very rich man with a very dirty moustache, and he’s notable primarily as the former owner of a string of massage parlor brothels that once made him the biggest pimp in Thailand. Since then, he’s made a name for himself exposing corruption (i.e. the bribes that police demand of brothel owners), and occasionally running for governor of Bangkok.  Last time he did so, his campaign took a dive after he punched a journalist in the face.

You can read more about him here, but for your convenience, I’ve pulled out a few of his choicest quotes from this campaign:

“Politicians are like diapers – you have to change them. Otherwise it’s too dirty.”

“I’m not asking for much. If you are a family of 10, just give me five votes!”

“Honesty, trustworthiness. Why they have that in the dog, and you don’t have that in the politics?”

“I should go back to the massage parlors. Because that was better – cleaner than politics.”

Maybe you don’t want him running your country, but you’ve got to admit, the guy has a certain appeal.

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