Just Warming Up

Welcome to my new home on the web.  I’ve built it as a place to bring together my writing, thinking, and work in a site that’s pretty enough and professional enough to show the world.  What will you find here?  In the menu above, you can find your way to a “bio” page, which contains exactly that, a “writing” page, with links to my various published articles, essays and blogs (plus a few media appearances), and a “consulting” page, that details the strategic communications consulting services for which you– yes, you!– can hire me.

And as for this blog– the one you’re reading right now– you can expect to find my writing here. Some of it will be original.  Some of it will be re-posted from Global Mobile.  You may even find a few pieces re-published from bigtime media sources.  You won’t, however, find much overlap with my Tumblr.  For now, at least, I’m keeping them separate, with Tumblr playing host to other people’s content: the videos, quotes, pictures and songs I find and want to share.  What you find here will be pure, unadulterated, copyright S. W. duPont.

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